Jheri South

Jheri South is an Emotional Intelligence Coach who empowers teenagers and youth with the skills and tools needed to reframe their experiences and step into the life they want to live.
Jheri has been working with children for the past 20 years. In addition to working with teenagers 1:1, Jheri currently runs The Transformed Teen, a successful 3-week intensive coaching program aimed at helping kids achieve emotional intelligence. She shows the teenagers of today how to overcome any negative emotion that is holding them back. Teenagers leave her program with the ability to self coach themselves through any problem they are facing.
Jheri speaks to parents and youth regularly bringing awareness to the dangers the youth today are facing, empowering them to create healthy boundaries, showing them how to overcome obstacles, teaching them how to communicate effectively, and helping them take responsibility for the way that they feel.
As a successful business owner, coach, entrepreneur and mother to 7 children, her mission is to help the youth of today recognize their individual worth and create the life they really want.
Jheri works with parents and teenagers everywhere to help them thrive in today's society.