Corbin Allred

Corbin Allred isn’t just an actor with a familiar face. Though he has enjoyed a very successful film and television career and spent nearly 3 decades of his life telling stories in front of the camera, Corbin has remained a man of faith with a profound desire to help heal, uplift, and inspire his fellowman. This passion first led him to medicine, where he has fought tirelessly to save and sustain life as a 911 paramedic, Search and Rescue team member, and Emergency Room PA.

As a husband, father, and man of faith, there is nothing more important to him than the well-being of God’s children. 
Corbin has represented the front line in the fight to address the widespread pediatric mental health crisis for more than a decade and has come to know, firsthand, that prevention is the pathway to preserving the safety and security of our kids so that tragedies of the mind and heart become a thing of the past. 

Corbin has traveled all over the country, speaking to tens of thousands of young people and adults alike on the topics closest to his heart. Mainly, he focuses on personal accountability, perspective, and the power of real connection through kindness, love, and selfless service.
Corbin is anxious to speak and share the message and hopes that his story and insight can influence others for good and save minds long before lives need saving.
Corbin and his best friend and wife, McKenzie, live in St. George, Utah with their four kids.